Melissa de Valera’s work of the past few months

A Takla Makan collection is a Slow Fashion collection : it takes time!

From  selecting the fabrics to creating the patterns, from prototypes to production, from photoshoot to communication... Months of work to offer you the 2017 summer collection, with the precious help of the many people who have helped making all this possible...

From september, I started dreaming about the creations, contacted the fabric suppliers, went through the hassle of the demonetisation that hit India by surprise and paralysed the economy for two months : It was not easy to move around and buy fabrics when I couldn't withdraw or change any money!  I also managed the creation work between Pondicherry and Auroville despite an unexpected shifting of house...

From Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu, the adventure rich and full of surprises this year.

I managed to procure wonderful blockprints  from the Sanganer craftmen family I have been working with since my diploma project at NID in 2002, tried a first order of  naturally died organic cotton from a young eco-sustainable company, and used a few touches of  vintage kimono fabric gathered during my last trip to Japan...

The creative process takes time, in the daily adventure of my life between Auroville and the Pondicherry workshop, with yoga, ayurveda an natural health, self development workshops, spending time with friends, supporting the projects of Fonds du Coeur with Sharana and A Way With You...

Day after day, my ideas become more precise, the colours and materials associations take shape, and the fittings allow me to improve the patterning. Then come the usual obstacles inherent to India: unavailable fabrics, delays, powercuts and insects everywhere...

And finally my own little reward: the photoshoot with women friends of such inspiring beauty... Each time I enjoy it more!

A huge thank you to all those who stood by me, it is thanks to you that Takla Makan goes on!


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