Heritage and Ethical Fashion Exhibition in Paris

Paris Heritage Festival celebrates Ethical Fashion at Hôtel de Noirmoutiers

Anais Duplan textile jewellery weaving Anais Duplan weaver ethical fashion Françoise Carré textile artist orange dress

Here is what to do this week end : an artistic wandering curated by  Universal Love for the 2016 Heritage Days in Paris, on 17th  and 18th September at Hôtel de Noirmoutiers.
During these two days, you’ll be able to walk around the lounges and the parc to discover the architecture and furniture of this exceptional place. Most of all you can see the wonderful work of numerous artists (Clay Apenouvon…), textile designers (Isabelle Teste, Françoise Carré, Victoria Darolti…), the exhibitions « Parures » (« Ornaments », among which hand woven by Anais Duplan who worked with Melissa de Valera at Takla Makan a few years ago in Pondicherry) and «Le Revers de Mon Look». Continue reading « Heritage and Ethical Fashion Exhibition in Paris »