Takla Makan on tour! Step 2: Nantes with Fonds du coeur

Takla Makan was in Nantes for the launching party for the NGO « Fonds du Coeur » (literally « funds from the heart »), created by Nathalie , one of our guardian angels.

Nathalie welcomed us at her place, 2-3 days before the event for a private sale. The atmosphere was joyful and altruistic!
We gave back 15% of each sale to « Fonds du coeur » to support the project. Nevertheless, we would love to be able to do much more, for this incredible project and lady, to whom we owe a lot!

Vente Nantes

Here few lines about this NGO:
loo fonds du coeur
The main project of « Fonds du coeur » is to finance a day care center for Pondichery’s street kids. The center welcomes every day 40 kids aged from 1 to 6 years old.

The Day care center offers a day shelter to these children, who live in though conditions in the streets. The center helps them to grow in a good and safe structure and gives them some hope.
« Fonds du Coeur » supports, by this financial help, the well-settled NGO Sharana Social and Development Organisation, in Pondicherry.

If you wish to support « Fonds du coeur » and Sharana:
– Make a donation for the center
– Become the godfather or godmother of these children with a annual donation of 204€ (meaning 17€/month). The contribution will be equally used for each child’s well-being (medical support, nutrition, pedagogical awareness, psychological support). .

Contact them at fondsducoeur@gmx.com

Thanks for your support!

Discover the Day Care center through this video (in French): https://vimeo.com/107768220<!–:fr–


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