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NathalieHere are a few words from Nathalie: “I have been working for 20 years in the « retail industry » , as a training project manager for 15 years and sustainable development and quality project manager for 5 years. These experiences gave me the opportunity to observe the changes happening in our consumerism society and in our economic system as a whole.

As we all know, every change brings positive as negative things to one society…

One thing is stated, our occidental society is based on consumption and it does not bring happiness to people at all. On the contrary, the more consumption levels increase, the more the moral misery grows. Human beings are getting apart from their own nature.

In 2005, I had the opportunity to attend a humanitarian trip t o India. I was touched by this land, the diversity of its culture. I fell in love with India. My way of looking at life and behaving completely changed thanks to this trip.
It is hard to describe how my human sensibility and my spiritual aspiration not connected to something bigger and essential. When the soul is touched, no words are enough to express one’s feelings.
After this trip, I felt I had to go back to India every year. Every stay helped me understand better this complex country, and I was feeling better every time.
And every time, coming back to France gave me a bitter taste. I realized how big was the gap between my home country and this culture where everything seems possible.

In 2010, I wanted to share my passion with my third daughter, who was studying fashion design.
I had visited several couture workshops in India and I felt that an Indian experience could bring to her much more than a traditional internship in France. By this time, I had been several time to Pondicherry and I started to know the place and people. We spent one week there to look for suitable workshop for her and a suitable association where I could spend some qualitative time while my daughter would have been working. Indeed, it was still a dream for me to settle really in India for a few months.

That is when I met Melissa for the first time, thanks to a common friend. Young French designer, she just opened an ethical workshop in Pondicherry and created her brand, Takla Makan. Her courage, willingness and determination were moving.

She is an art aficionado and more than everything she is passionate by Indian traditional textiles, as, for her, Indian craftsmen “own a real savoir-faire”. Melissa had created long-lasting partnerships with several NGOs, contributing to women empowerment. Indeed, I consider that there is something “divine” happening when talent and passion are working towards a moral commitment.

Nevertheless, the road towards ethics is often winding and a lot of courage is needed to carry on with the same motivation and determination!
Melissa helped me when I needed it, I found it normal to return the favor when I had the chance. Moreover, I have always been sensible to women energy. When a woman dares to reveal her sacred feminity, she is able to move mountains!

In the end of 2013, after several Indian experiences as a volunteer, I decided to dedicate myself to a life project: support and serve. Then, I created a social fund: “Fonds du Coeur” (Funds from the heart). Through this association, I really yearn to contribute to a fairer and more aware world, focusing on the most needed people in India, women and children.”

loo fonds du coeur

I finally discover what gives me energy in life: create awareness, raise bridges and support ethical projects in order to create more harmony for the future.
No matter the size, every action made out of love can help changing this world.
To support Takla Makan is to contribute to women empowerment and local craftsmanship, authentic treasures of the Indian culture.


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