Hand-embroidered Kantha scarves

Embroiderer Kantha scarf

We have been working with Katna’s Kantha NGO on a regular basis since 2010.

Katna is the name of the village where the embroideries are made, in the Murshidabad district, West Bengal (India).

In this part of India, Kantha’s tradition is passed from one generation to the other; Muslim women, mostly the poorest of the village, used to sew old sarees using an intricate and delicate method with unlisted designs, according to their imagination…

Threads were pulled from the saree itself and after hours and hours of work, the results were masterpieces.

threads embroideries
Their creations and designs became famous and typical of the region.
Women used to, and still do, spend weeks and sometimes years to finish embroidered pieces used for the most important life functions (births, weddings, cremations).


Today, the NGO Street Survivors of India is helping this traditional skill to survive by organizing women, giving them self-sufficiency

Thanks to the NGO: Katna’s and other surrounding villages’ kids are given a chance to get a high quality education.

Example of Kantha's emboideries

Village kids, unlike cities’, have little chance to get access to English studies; no chance at all for poor families’ ones.
Today, thanks to the profit made through the kantha’s embroideries orders, 4 centers have opened around Katna and 1500 kids are attending english medium school. A true revolution!


In Takla Makan, we are aware of our ecological impact. Like our hair accessories, the scarves made in partnership with Katna’s Kantha are made from leftovers from our garment’s collections.

Melissa picks up and carefully composesKATNA-4.131.5red the patchwork from the leftovers, then we get the scarf assembled in our workshop.
She also chooses the color of the thread and the pattern to be used for the Kantha’s embroideries.

Finally we send the patchworks to the NGO where women are stitching the chosen patterns on the scarves.

During the months of last winter, some 70 scarves have been embroidered to offer you this unique and ethical collection of embroidered scarves, in silk, cotton, or mix of both.

Each scarf is a unique landscape that you can find in our online Etsy shop!

Kantha's embroideries

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