The Pondicherry Workshop

A tailoring workshop with ethical values

The Takla Makan adventure started in 2008, with ethical values as our corner stone our tailoring and embroidery workshop evolved with us and went through different phases. The workshop originally created by the designer Melissa de Valera was merged in 2014 with the Navasrajan Textiles, with which Takla Makan had been sharing space and work for a few years. All the benefits of Navasarjan Textiles Pvt. Ltd. are donated to A Way With You, the non profit NGO run by Marie-Véronique du Fontbaré, working in the region of Tamil Nadu since 2001 for women empowerment, vocational training, micro-credit, health.

the team of tailors at takla makan workshop eating lunch together in Pondicherry
women working in Takla Makan ethical fashion workshop in Pondicherry India

The tailors, seamstresses and embroiderers where trained for several years by Melissa with international quality standards. They are skilled artisans who can work on designer ready-to-wear as well as traditional indian garments. They master cutting and stitching of cotton, wool as well as the most delicate silk. They are conscious of how important it is to give perfect finishing and preciseness in their task.They are also conscious of the quality of their work environment, and of our commitment towards them, for more dignity, respect and autonomy.

cutting pink and orange silk brocade at pondicherry takla makan tailoring workshop
vibrant colors in silk and coton at takla makan ethical fashion online store

Each of the employees has had a difficult life ; being part of the team of Navasarjan gave them the opportunity to blossom, because we encourage their creativity and their sense of responsibility. We regularly conduct workshops to raise their awareness on issues that seem to us relevant for a better world : Ecology, waste management, women’s rights, children’s rights, hygiene, education…

the master tailor is cutting cotton fabrics at the pondicherry tailoring workshop
Melissa de Valera is training an indian woman for hand embroidery in Takla Makan workshop at Pondicherry

The workshop is located in a quiet side alley of Pondicherry, and everyone works in a good spirit. AWWY takes care of health expenses and of school fees for the workers's children. The life of the workshop flows happily, and we celebrate together the traditional festivales, such as the Saraswati Puja, which honors the goddess of arts and sciences, the day of the year when everyone takes part in cleaning all the tools and work equipments.

Melissa de Valera and Shiva cutting fabric at the pondicherry workshop of Takla Makan ethical fashion