Takla Makan on tour! Step 2: Nantes with Fonds du coeur

Takla Makan was in Nantes for the launching party for the NGO “Fonds du Coeur” (literally “funds from the heart”), created by Nathalie , one of our guardian angels.

Nathalie welcomed us at her place, 2-3 days before the event for a private sale. The atmosphere was joyful and altruistic!
We gave back 15% of each sale to “Fonds du coeur” to support the project. Nevertheless, we would love to be able to do much more, for this incredible project and lady, to whom we owe a lot!

Vente Nantes

Here few lines about this NGO:
loo fonds du coeur
The main project of “Fonds du coeur” is to finance a day care center for Pondichery’s street kids. The center welcomes every day 40 kids aged from 1 to 6 years old.

The Day care center offers a day shelter to these children, who live in though conditions in the streets. The center helps them to grow in a good and safe structure and gives them some hope.
“Fonds du Coeur” supports, by this financial help, the well-settled NGO Sharana Social and Development Organisation, in Pondicherry.

If you wish to support “Fonds du coeur” and Sharana:
– Make a donation for the center
– Become the godfather or godmother of these children with a annual donation of 204€ (meaning 17€/month). The contribution will be equally used for each child’s well-being (medical support, nutrition, pedagogical awareness, psychological support). .

Contact them at fondsducoeur@gmx.com

Thanks for your support!

Discover the Day Care center through this video (in French): https://vimeo.com/107768220<!–:fr–

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