Takla Makan Slow Fashion : Sustainable clothing for a better world!

Welcome to Takla Makan ethical fashion caravan, a place where beauty means solidarity, eco-design, care for our planet and for people!

The story of Takla Makan... it’s my story too!

My name is Melissa de Valera. I am a french of South American origin. Since I can remember, I was always in love with hand-crafted textiles and with Asia. Irma, my Colombian grandmother, introduced me to making clothes and to Asian culture through art, Yoga and spirituality… Very soon I was fascinated with this whole civilisation, and studied History of Art, Indian languages, History of religions, iconography, different art techniques and finally Textile Design.

While directing a documentary film on ikkat weaving in India, I came across my mission: working with craftspeople and creating my own fashion, both ethical and timeless, within the frame of a social business.

I have been living between India and France, working with inspiring people and NGOs committed to women’s empowerment and to the revival of traditional craft techniques. I started Takla Makan in Pondicherry in 2007, and since then it has been my way to express creatively everything my heart beats for: slow fashion, traditional textiles, eco-design, creating original clothing and accessories and being committed to social action, particularly towards women.

Takla Makan : a name inspired by the Silk Roads

The Taklamakan is actually a desert located on the old silk routes, between China and India. Among other things, the most ancient silks have been excavated there by archeologists, miraculously preserved for centuries… The chimera I chose for the brand’s logo is inspired by a little creature adorning a meditation mirror found in that desert.

The name of Taklamakan meets with my inspiration: tales of splendor from a time when everything was hand made, and when fashion was a slow treasure. By naming my brand “Takla – Makan”, I started unraveling the tale of my dream inspired by the legendary times of the caravans on the Silk Roads.

Makan means “house” in Hindi, and indeed Takla Makan has become my Home, wherever I am.