Pantin : designers’ festival for 3 days of fun!

Festival des créateurs et artisans à la Maison des Compagnons du Devoir

Takla Makan Slow Fashion is exhibiting with many a whole bunch of designers at Maison des Compagnons du Devoir in Pantin (just near Paris) during a festival called We Can Art from 30th June to 2d of july! The building is a beautiful place dedicated to crafts and teaching : there is a big exhibition hall and a nice garden with drinks and a food truck!

Fashion and accessories: lafabrikawax, Jokond, La Parisienne du Turban, Vijoly Concept, Obag, La ptite Envie, Au Contraire ...

life style, arts, beauty: Savons de Doucho, Celine Chevrel, Beata Kiwior...

22 rue des grilles à Pantin, Métro Hoche, from friday 30th June to sunday 2d july

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