Slow Fashion in Minervois, South of France

Private sale in Allizanet near Narbonne

I am so happy to welcome you for a private sale at Laure Bousquet's, 36 avenue d'Olonzac in Azillanet, 34210, near Narbonne.

It's Slow Fashion day on 22d July : Takla Makan private sale from 11 am to 7 pm, 

It will be a lovely day of trying clothes and sharing on femininity, ethical fashion and  an opportunity to indulge in conscious clothing! Come with your friends! Kids are welcome too 🙂

A huge thanks to Lisa Peissak, whose conscious clothing line will soon be launched : organic wool and silk innovative knitwear by le Mouton à Soie !

Slow Fashion in the french countryside this summer!

Happy in the green fields of the french countryside!

This summer will be green for Takla Makan. 

I am so lucky to exhibit once more with Om Design by my friend Anne Laure Jalladeau, in the crafts village of St Yrieix la Perche! such a nice team of designers at "La boutique des créateurs 87"  I will be in the shop beginning of august and will conduct embroidery workshops and an introduction to ayurveda, call me on 06 36 88 78 95 to book!

We will also be doing an exhibition on  5th august at centre de santé ayurvédique in Limoges, during the ayurveda week, organized by Natacha Bokobza. A wonderful program of natural health and detox at centre Santé du Monde 28 rue de la Déliade lieu dit Beauvais à Limoges.

In Aubusson, I am proud to be part of La Maison des Artisans d'Art! around 40 designers and talented craft people will exhibit in this town  renowned for its tapestry. I well be there myself end of july and end of august.

What better regions than Limousin,  Haute Vienne and Creuse to taste the authentic Slow Art of Living?

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Pantin : designers’ festival for 3 days of fun!

Festival des créateurs et artisans à la Maison des Compagnons du Devoir

Takla Makan Slow Fashion is exhibiting with many a whole bunch of designers at Maison des Compagnons du Devoir in Pantin (just near Paris) during a festival called We Can Art from 30th June to 2d of july! The building is a beautiful place dedicated to crafts and teaching : there is a big exhibition hall and a nice garden with drinks and a food truck!

Fashion and accessories: lafabrikawax, Jokond, La Parisienne du Turban, Vijoly Concept, Obag, La ptite Envie, Au Contraire ...

life style, arts, beauty: Savons de Doucho, Celine Chevrel, Beata Kiwior...

22 rue des grilles à Pantin, Métro Hoche, from friday 30th June to sunday 2d july

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Melissa de Valera at work: the creative process

Melissa de Valera’s work of the past few months

A Takla Makan collection is a Slow Fashion collection : it takes time!

From  selecting the fabrics to creating the patterns, from prototypes to production, from photoshoot to communication... Months of work to offer you the 2017 summer collection, with the precious help of the many people who have helped making all this possible...

From september, I started dreaming about the creations, contacted the fabric suppliers, went through the hassle of the demonetisation that hit India by surprise and paralysed the economy for two months : It was not easy to move around and buy fabrics when I couldn't withdraw or change any money!  I also managed the creation work between Pondicherry and Auroville despite an unexpected shifting of house...

From Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu, the adventure rich and full of surprises this year.

I managed to procure wonderful blockprints  from the Sanganer craftmen family I have been working with since my diploma project at NID in 2002, tried a first order of  naturally died organic cotton from a young eco-sustainable company, and used a few touches of  vintage kimono fabric gathered during my last trip to Japan...

The creative process takes time, in the daily adventure of my life between Auroville and the Pondicherry workshop, with yoga, ayurveda an natural health, self development workshops, spending time with friends, supporting the projects of Fonds du Coeur with Sharana and A Way With You...

Day after day, my ideas become more precise, the colours and materials associations take shape, and the fittings allow me to improve the patterning. Then come the usual obstacles inherent to India: unavailable fabrics, delays, powercuts and insects everywhere...

And finally my own little reward: the photoshoot with women friends of such inspiring beauty... Each time I enjoy it more!

A huge thank you to all those who stood by me, it is thanks to you that Takla Makan goes on!

Takla Makan slow fashion green

2017 will be SLOW!

Takla Makan slow fashion ethical green couture

The Wish of Melissa de Valera for 2017 : let’s slow down! And take time for dreaming…

What I wish the most for this new year 2017 as a slow fashion designer for Takla Makan, is that all of us take time so that the focus can shift back to the human factor and to interpersonal communication.

Finding the time to think before we act, the time to dream, allows to reconnect with our humanity

Being in a constant rush, requesting that things be “done yesterday,” and having more needs than time available… It’s all a sign of how much our battle against the clock can degrade our quality of living, our relationships and our deep self. Continue reading “2017 will be SLOW!”

Sale on all Takla Makan ethical fashion creations by Melissa de Valera on

Little Week of discount on designers

Discounts on the e store alittlemarket from 6th to 17th October 2016

Profitez des petits prix pendant la little Week des créateurs sur, mettez de l'éthique dans votre dressing avec  Takla Makan

Now is the right time to  put ethical clothing in your wardrobe : from Thursday 6th to Monday 17th October 2016. During the “Little Week des créateurs” on the french online store of Takla Makan, our unique creations will be sold at discounted rates : up to  -30% on clothes, scarves, hand embroidered stoles,  textile jewellery, bags and accessories.

Here is a beautiful opportunity to take action towards becoming a conscious consumer, and start dressing up in ethical fashion and support the Takla Makan project, between Paris and Pondicherry, that makes women stronger and more beautiful, in Europe and in India…  Continue reading “Little Week of discount on designers”

Heritage and Ethical Fashion Exhibition in Paris

Paris Heritage Festival celebrates Ethical Fashion at Hôtel de Noirmoutiers

Anais Duplan textile jewellery weaving Anais Duplan weaver ethical fashion Françoise Carré textile artist orange dress

Here is what to do this week end : an artistic wandering curated by  Universal Love for the 2016 Heritage Days in Paris, on 17th  and 18th September at Hôtel de Noirmoutiers.
During these two days, you’ll be able to walk around the lounges and the parc to discover the architecture and furniture of this exceptional place. Most of all you can see the wonderful work of numerous artists (Clay Apenouvon…), textile designers (Isabelle Teste, Françoise Carré, Victoria Darolti…), the exhibitions « Parures » (“Ornaments”, among which hand woven by Anais Duplan who worked with Melissa de Valera at Takla Makan a few years ago in Pondicherry) and «Le Revers de Mon Look». Continue reading “Heritage and Ethical Fashion Exhibition in Paris”

Ganesh Chaturthi

Today let's celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

hand sculpted wooden block to print on textiles at Takla Makan

It's the festival of hindu god Ganesh, who helps us overcome all obstacles and be successful in all our activities. Today is an auspicious days to think about him!

It is celebrated in India, and of course in Pondicherry, but in Paris too! The celebrations are always a delight for the eye in the area of La Chapelle!

The festival is celebrated by families at home, by people at their places of work and in public. The public celebration involves installing clay images of Ganesha in public places and group worship. At home, an appropriately-sized clay image is installed and worshipped with family and friends. At the end of the festival, the statues are immersed in a large body of water such as the sea, river or a lake, or sometimes in a water bucket (that's better for the environment!) The clay idols disintegrate over time in the water.  The devotees chant: « Ganapati bappa morya ! Mangal moorti morya ! » (« Lord Ganapati, come back to us ! You who brings us good luck, come back to us ! »

The Favorite Style of AW13: The Kazar Jacket!

Introduced in the Summer collection 2013, I really developed the Kazar Jacket in the Winter collection, playing with silk and wool. Ingeniously reversible with inner and outer ties, you can wear this jacket in 8 different ways! With one side in silk and the other in wool, this jacket will complement all your outfits, being casual over a denim jeans and very classy over a evening dress! This jacket was made as a free size and fits beautifully all shapes. Continue reading “The Favorite Style of AW13: The Kazar Jacket!”