Art workshop at Gayatri House, Fonds du Coeur

Art workshop at Gayatri House with Anne-Laure Jalladeau

Melissa has been involved in Fonds du Cœur, an endowment fund which finances the Gayatri House, a daycare center for kids from Pondicherry’s slums.

This month, along with our friend Anne-Laure Jalladeau from ‘Om Design‘, a designer and art teacher, we organized art workshops on color for the kids.
At home, these kids have no toys, no equipment and no support to develop their creativity and imagination…

Here are some pictures of our budding artists !


The center is a breath of fresh air for their mothers ; they know that their kids are fed and being taken care of when they’re there. The Gayatri House give them the chance to explore their curiosity, sensitivity, talents and to enjoy their childhood.


On 5th March, in Nantes, Nathalie Payraudeau, President of FDC, is a fundraising event for the International Woman’s Day. The event will take place in the Galerie Grand Val in Orvault, the whole Saturday.

Fonds du Coeur will be introduced through a photo exhibition ; to celebrate all women, 10mn of massage will be offered from 10am to 6pm thanks to the massage practice Io Senso. Melissa will also be offering foot reflexology.
Gayatri House

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