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Navasarjan Pvt Ltd is the commercial entity of the Belgian NGO “A WAY WITH YOU” (AWWY). Established and active in Tamil Nadu for 12 years, it has been striving over for the health, the education and the emancipation of Indian women.

To help AWWY, the workers produce design simple accessories in cotton like bags, pockets, potholders, etc. These small accessories are sold as Christmas gifts in Belgium, procuring extra revenues for the association.

Small pockets made by Navasarjan for AWWY
Small pockets made by Navasarjan for AWWY

Aware of the global economic situation, the ethical workshop offers its services to young designers to help them launching their own creations. The workshop is at their disposal to produce woven samples and/or their entire lines of collection. The team is trained to perform precise, high-quality and hand-made work. Please note that they do not have equipment to work with cotton jerseys.

They are also able to produce promotional bags, screen-printed with a logo or any other writings/ patterns. These printed cotton bags can contribute to build or reinforce one’s brand image, and add a green value to it. Here some examples of what we are able to produce:

Please contact them directly for more information: info@awwy.org

Sales bags
Sale bags samples

Marie-Véronique de Fontbaré is managing Navasarjan and A Way With You with all her heart and care. Her goodwill and energy are truly contagious.

AWWY AWWY initiates projects in local communities, working in a individual way, in order to empower people, enhance their self esteem and create a sense of belonging. Locally, their active presence allows them to identify the needs and difficulties and to spot the talents of individuals.

They fight poverty without any judgment, respecting local religions, cultures and traditions. Any action is always taken with the aim to help families become self-sufficient.

Their strengths: providing micro-credits, education and professional training to any interested people!
* By allowing micro-credit (between 150 and 200 €) to women who want to start an activity which generates an income.
* By educating the 5-17 year old, supporting vocational and university students.
* By giving a professional training to the youths.
* By managing tailoring workshops in Pondicherry and in rural areas.

Their action goes beyond simple assistance. They integrate projects into the local economy so that the impoverished may flourish and enable themselves to stand on their own two feet.


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